Workflow management

Ticket on Rails help desk allows you to streamline your customers requests in a simple way. From your wokspace interface you'll be able to mark your tickets as in progress and assign them to one of your team members. Once you done, you can mark the tickets as resolved so all your team will be aware that the customer doen't need any more help.

Custom replies

Respond to your customer's enquiries it's easy with Ticket on Rails. You can build your database of replies templates so in few clicks you can find the correct answer to the problem and minimize the time-to-reply to zero.

Conversation tracking

We keep track of the conversation you are having with your clients for you. You don't have do anything, just answer as usual. Your cusomer will receive an email with your feedback and when he decides to get back to you his mail will appear as part of the same conversation. Stop loosing track of your conversation and keep everything togheter.


Sometimes when you're working with many people in different timezones you need to leave a message to your co-workers so they can continue your job. We build an efficient way to leave a messages to your work mates and communicate what your up to. As part of any conversation there are some issue's notes that can help keep track of the status of the resolution.

Queue ticket tagging

We don't believe in pre-made strict classifications. Nobody knows your business better than you so who better than yourself can create queues for your tickets? Ticket on Rails provide an estensive tagging system that allows you customize your workflow according to your needs. You can create as many work queues, status or priorities as you like and use our simple filtering system to organize your work at best.

Real time events

Everything we do, we do it real time. All the action taken by any of your agents is automathically reflected on all the screens of your team. In this way you'll be always up to date on the status of the job avoiding duplicate replies and don't waisting your precious time.

Collaborate with other team members

We designed an interactive and collaborative environment. Any moment you can use our private chat to communicate within your team members. Even if you work from different location it's just like woking shoulder to shoulder in a pure startup spirit

Unlimited team members

Unlike many others we have no restrictions on the number of members in your team. Feel free to invite everybody you like and start working togheter. You also have access to multiple projects and unlimited tickets. Oh, I forgot... did I tell you that is totally free?

Agent management

As a creator of project you are the project owner. Being owner you can invite other members of your tem to join your project but they will not have all the proviledges you'll have on managing your project settings. If you think some member of your team is trustworthy or simply you want to share the work with somebody you can always promote any user to administrator in our "people" management interface.

Live stats

Last but not least, you'll have access to an all inclusive set of stats regarding the progress of your work. You'll never loose track of the job done and to be done as everything will be under controll on your profile dashboard.