• Simple and powerful

    Simple and powerful

    Why does everything have to be so complicated?
    We have built simple but powerful tools that help managing all your customers requests without having to study a 100 pages manual.
    You don't have time to lose. You have a business to run!

  • Designed for collaboration

    Designed for collaboration

    It's Alive! Ticket on Rails is built and designed for live collaboration between support team members. With features like auto-refreshing ticket lists, team chat and live notifications, we guarantee you that working in team will be a piece of cake.

  • Live stats

    Live stats

    Be always up to date on the state of your daily work. Just have a look at our incredible dashboard to have everything under control in one glance. Keep track of the workload and get no more surprises.

  • 60 seconds setup!

    60 seconds setup!

    The simplest registration on the web, just give us you email address! Our tool is already configured for your first run just set you basic preferences in three simple steps and start working immediately!